At what age can I start the program?

All skaters are individuals and we will treat them as such.  Tots as young as eighteen months have excelled in the program, while others who are much older, have not enjoyed
quite the same success.  The same holds true for adults, you are only limited by your desire.  Skating is truly a family recreation for life.  Eleven laps around the rink is
equal to one mile and an hour of skating burns almost 500 calories, the same as
running with no impact….what are you waiting for?

What should I wear?

Please dress in warm, comfortable layers, several thin layers are better than heavy jackets or parkas.  Mittens or gloves are essential and please avoid long scarves or hats that dangle. Thin nylon socks keep feet warmer than heavy cotton ones.  Avoid all bulky socks in skates.

Do I need a helmet?

Round backed helmets are strongly encouraged for all young beginners.  Pointed back bike helmets will not be allowed on the ice.

How many skaters will be in my class?

All classes at the Wonderland Skating School will have a maximum student to instructor ratio of eight to one. Skaters will be assigned to groups on the ice based on their skating ability and age.

What about my skates?

The use of rental skates is included with all lesson programs.
However, skaters are strongly encouraged to purchase their own skates
for consistency.  Proper fitting and well maintained skated are essential for rapid improvement.  New and used skates are available at the Center Ice Pro Shop, located in the Wonderland of Ice.  No double bladed skates will be allowed in classes.

Can I skate with my child?

Parents are always welcome to join the program and participate in an adult
class.  Adults are never grouped with children during lessons.  Only skaters
currently enrolled in the program are allowed on the ice during Wonderland Skating School sessions.   Parents are asked to quietly observe classes from the bleachers.
No parents will be allowed in the rink side player’s boxes.

How long will it take to learn how to skate?

Learning how to ice skate is all about mileage, the more time you spend
skating, the more skilled you will become.  To accelerate individual progress, all students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the practice ice time provided with each program, as a minimum.

Additional practice ice is available for purchase, at a reduced rate, along with private lessons, to accelerate your progress, take you to the next level to just work out on a specific skill. We also offer a more intense Bridge Program, which skaters may
join with their instructor’s recommendation.

When can I start?

Skaters may join the program at any class until October 30, 2011. Beginning
in November, new skaters may join the program during the first class session of
each month only. Skaters may join the program by special arrangement by calling.

What if I miss a class?

There are no cash refunds issued once a class session begins.  One unexcused make-up class is allowed per ten week session.  This class may be made up at the week following the completion of your program.  Absences will be excused with a doctor’s note or pre-approval by contacting.

Have additional questions? Contact Wonderland Skating School Director, Eileen Mantell at (203) 258-6462 or via e-mail Lisa@wonderlandofice.com.